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Rewards Go, a paid application platform to redeem your google play balance to cash. You can download our app to convert your unused play balance to cash. Just purchase our redeem packs with your google play balance and get paid as cash. We have thousands of trusted users who redeem daily. We provide maximum returns with minimum time compared to others.
We are using most trusted and secure platforms to ensure all our orders are processed on time with maximum support.

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We provide redeem packs worth Rs.20 to up to Rs.5000. Normal packs include Rs.20 to Rs.200. For higher redeem option we provide custom packs. Redeem will be billed through google in app billing system. Please check the charges by google in app billing and rewards go. However User will get 65% of the redeem amount within 4 days into his/her account.

User can use chat support option available in application for any queries or updates about his order. There is a Reward calculator available in the application itself. user can check is returns and fees before redeem. Once user completes the purchase, he can see his order details in his profile page. for any changes to order details he can avail the chat support option to modify.

Custom Packs

User can opt for customized redeem packs based on their google play balance. User need to request to enable custom pack through chat support with amount. Developers will create specific amount as redeem pack and will inform the user after activation. If the user has already redeemed and currently have a pending order, he/she have to wait for the pending order to process. Custom packs are temporary available. Once it is created, it will be available only for couple of days and will be deactivated. Then user have to request again for the activation. 

Mode of Transfer

Redeemed amount will transfer to users Bank Account/Wallet. User must enter valid account details while redeem including their Bank details and UPI ID. Payments are done via NEFT transaction or UPI. If any error occurs in transaction or dispute from bank, Use have to wait for amount to release or provide another bank details. all payment issues are informed to user through chat support only. Payments may delay if there is any issue with banking service. This will be informed generally to all users. 

Processing Time

Orders processing time is around 3-4 days after redeem. mostly amount will deposit on third day after redeem. This time is mandatory to avoid refund abuse. User can also use this time to cancel or modify order details within the time limit. User must ensure that order details are updated in the database after redeem. If the user fails to enter details/closes the application in the middle of transaction, user must inform the order details through app chat support. If we found a order with no user details, it will be treated as an invalid order.

If there is an issue with payments even after 4 days of redeem, Reach us through app chat support and mention the problem. 

Why 3 Days?

Order processing time is 3 days. It is mandatory to make it atleast 3 days to avoid refund abuse. Also in this time user can request for refund or modify his/her order (Within 48hrs after redeem). User may able to get a direct refund through google play without the help of developer, if the purchase was done within 48hrs. That is why Rewards Go put 3 day cooldown time for the orders. Other platforms take 5-15 days to complete this, but we manage to pay all our users within 4 days. 

Charges & Fee

The transaction fee for all purchases in Google Play (apps and in-app purchases) is 30% of the price that the customer pays. In other words, developers get 70% of the payment and the remaining 30% goes to the distribution partner and operating fees. Rewards Go fee for all purchase is 5% of the redeem amount. User will get 65% of the redeem amount. Charges for low value packs may varry. Merchant charges may vary in future.

In App Chat Support

Rewards Go comes with a built in app chat support facility. Users can directly message to developers for any technical support, Updating profiles and clearing pending payments. For activating custom pack, User can use this service. Chat service history will be cleared when the issue was cleared from both sides. Chat replies arew not instant, Our team will reply to you soon and info you through notification service.I there is any error while processing order, developer will mention this in that user inbox, So user must check their inbox regularly.

Notifications & Announcement

A general notification box will appear in the app home page. This shows whether redeem available or not, order processing day and new updates. Announcement tabs are updated daily. User can check the present processing date and calculate his payment date. Push notifications are delivered to all users, Also indivitual notifications. General notifications such as redeem availability, General announcement,Third party notifications. Indivitual messages will be delivered based on payments,New message in chat, profile updates. user must login in the app to receive all notifications. No notification will receive after unnistalling the application.

Redeem Time

Redeem time slots start from every day 10AM onwards. Users can start redeem from that time. Redeem will close after 4 hours or based on daly traffic. User can redeem once at a time and wait for that to process, So all users can redeem. Daily redeem are limited to fixed number. So that all orders received on that day can be processed within 4 days.

How to Redeem

Redeem is very easy. it will takes only 2 minutes to complete the transaction. Make sure that redeem is available and you set your account which is used to redeem as the billing account. Tap the redeem option, Select one amount  that you want to redeem. In next page you have to enter your details of yours to receive the payment. make sure all the details entered are accurate. once you submit it will ask to verify all the details that you entered. Click the pay button, Google in app billing will pop up and complete the transaction. Minimize the app and open your Gmail inbox for the purchase receipt. Copy the order number of the purchase and paste it in the application and completes the purchase.

Make sure all your details are updated in our database by checking in your profile.

That's all!

Check the Rewards Go redeem Documentation for more information - View